Production Diary No. 6 – why it takes a year to shoot a 15-minute film

We’ve gone a bit quiet, haven’t we?

There’s a reason for that. Several reasons, in fact. The first is that we’re exhausted – me, in particular. Running an underfunded but fully professional operation (single-handedly for some stretches) isn’t something you can do on a regular basis unless you’re an exceptional human being, or you’re being assisted by regular inhalations of a by-product of a crop found prevalently in Colombia (so I’ve read… Anyway, as a chronic sinusitis sufferer I don’t ever plan on inhaling anything stronger than the scent of pine candles this Christmas).

The second reason is that we’re in an unusual limbo. Normally short films are shot over a weekend or a few days, all the material is captured and then the post-production is swiftly (or slowly) processed and the finished product is shown to a grateful cast and crew over beer and nibbles in a Soho screening house or a specially hired movie theatre, before being bunged up on Vimeo and (all too often) forgotten about. We’re not making that sort of film. Continue reading