Someone give me a hand to start this thing…

Hello? Sheena, are you there? Hello? Blimey, what’s happened to the lights in here? Where are…. OW, MY KNEE!!!


Ah, that’s better, I can see now. Ow, that hurt.

Good grief, it’s dusty in here. <Blows dust off something, sneezes.> Ugh. Right, I can see no one’s been in this blog for a long time. Not surprising, with the winter we’ve had. There’s been no shooting activity on the production over the long cold spell, and is it any wonder when it’s a completely outdoor shoot? In the meantime we’ve been off doing other things:

  • Sheena’s been working with the Drunken Chorus company on the very exciting and challenging ‘La Noche Oscura del Alma’, a radical attempt to fuse theatre and film, which is currently in development with Arts Council backing.
  • Henry has been shooting music videos, including one for the launch of the new album ‘River Man’ by popular artist Anna Neale (see the video here).
  • And Stephen has been finishing post-production on the material that’s been shot so far for The Ditch.
Zombies as portrayed in the movie Night of the...

The crew wake up from their winter hibernation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And, on that subject, let me bring you up to date with where things stand on the production. About half the material has been shot, edited, graded and sound mixed. It looks great! The performances by our two actors, Katie and Lucy, which were so vivid on set, have really come through. The Ditch is looking ever more like a gripping and intriguing short thriller, exactly what we were hoping for. We’re going to go back to the same location this year to finish the shoot and bring the full story to life.

In the meantime, there’ll be lots of activity and new things for you to look at. We’ll be starting up a crowdfunding appeal shortly, in order to cover some of the more costly aspects of the production (mostly equipment hire, as we have to have strong lights at the location in order to counteract the movement of the sun throughout the day) – look out for the various benefits we offer people who donate to the production! When the appeal starts you’ll have an opportunity to see some of the material we’ve already shot. There’ll also be new posts on this blog, including an analysis of ghost stories on film by Stephen, and some more of Sheena’s views on contemporary horror films.

So there’s a lot for us to do, and we’re going to be busy for the next four or five months. Of course, the first thing someone has to do is CLEAN UP AROUND HERE! Is that a dead mouse? I hope it is a dead mouse. I know where I am with a dead mouse…


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