Pinterest – horror, ghosts, spooky forests and kittens

Our Pinterest boards

Our Pinterest boards

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Pinterest is a surprisingly addictive pastime, especially for those who are strongly motivated by visuals (which really ought to cover almost everyone in film). I’ve found it easy to assemble a board which gives viewers an instant impression of what kind of atmosphere we’re aiming to create in The Ditch – spooky, mist-shrouded woods (although we won’t have any mist in our production), ghosts half-seen, revenants and undead ‘things’, creepy abandoned buildings. If this all sounds a bit Gothic maybe that’s no bad thing, although the world of The Ditch is as much rooted in reality as in the spirit world (our central character, Donna, has to deal with everyday concerns like her relationship with the other people in her real-world life, and the moral choices she has to make when in a situation any of us could find ourselves in).

Of course we’ve also added a board of images from the production, including our latest trailer. This board will feature publicity stills, posters and other promotional images, as well as some behind the scenes material (some of which can also be viewed soon on our updated website, coming shortly).

And, because Pinterest is fun, we’ve added some pictures of kittens. (Plus lots of other things we just like because, well, we just like them – the staggering endless blue of houses in the Indian city of Jodhpur, the sun stabbing its way in between the stones at Stonehenge, pictures of people making films, attractive design and photography…) We’ll try to keep the kittens out of the ‘horror’ section, although nothing in life is guaranteed and it would be fun to find some crossover between the two. Might be time to watch Cat People again…


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