Who is Donna? And who is that girl in the middle of the road?

Donna's on the phone to her lover - so why does she look so scared?

Donna’s on the phone to her lover – so why does she look so scared?

It’s Friday morning. On Monday morning, the campaign to rescue Donna begins!

Who is Donna? If you’ve been following this blog up to now, you’ll know the answer to that question. But if you don’t, or if you’re just interested in finding out more – including what you can do to help – read on…

Donna was driving at high speed through the English countryside. She seemed to be very anxious about something – someone kept calling her and she wouldn’t pick up the phone on the seat beside her. She would ignore the call, the ringing would stop – then a few minutes later it would start again. Who was it who kept calling?

Donna drove up to a crossroads – which way should she go? She thought she could remember, but she wasn’t sure. The ringing started again. Shaking her head, now even more tense, she turned the car sharply to the right and drove away. Hurtling down an isolated road, the phone still bothering her, she looked down at an unopened bottle of whisky in her bag. Surely just one drop would calm her nerves? Surely just one drop wouldn’t hurt the baby?

She’d taken her eyes off the road. As she looked up, there was the woman. A young, thin woman, barely out of girlhood, in a bright fuchsia coloured dress, standing right in the middle of the road. She wasn’t moving, even as the car sped towards her. She just stood there, staring into Donna’s eyes.

There was nothing Donna could do. Without thinking, she hit the brakes, but it was far too late. The noise was worse than she would have imagined – a horrible grind of metal and flesh. And just as bad was the vibration of the impact shooting through her body. She sat in shock. No movement from beyond the bonnet. The girl must be dead. What had she done? Oh God, what had she done?

Now it was time for the bottle, and damn the consequences. Barely thinking, she grabbed it, twisted off the cap and drank a huge gulp. It seemed to help a little.

Silence from outside. She must do something. Still staring ahead, as if the girl would somehow magically appear, dust herself off and skip into the forest, Donna switched off the engine and opened the door of the car.

This is the first part of ‘The Ditch’. Your chance to help Donna get out of this situation starts on Monday. In three days, #rescueDonna begins. See the website for more information.

Part two follows soon!


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