The campaign to rescue Donna has begun!

Indiegogo page for The Ditch

The campaign to rescue Donna is already underway – within 24 hours of opening, we have already exceeded 10% of our target! This is an amazing start and we plan to maintain the momentum!

If you want to find out what this is all about, and especially if you want to get involved…

visit this page

… you’ll be able to read all about the production, why we’re raising the last funds we need to get the film properly finished, and what rewards you can choose from when you contribute.

The page will be regularly updated with more information about the production, feedback from the team and constant new material – videos, photos, artwork. It’ll be like a blog all on its own!

Please visit our page, look at what rewards you can have, and use the ‘share’ button to Like it, share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, embed it onto a website of your own, or email it to a friend.

Donna’s future is in your hands. She’s got into a very dangerous situation, and only YOU can help to get her out of it.


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