Guess the story – from just four pictures!

Those who have been following our crowdfunding campaign will be aware that we’ve just received pieces of concept art from 2012 Olympics artist Adam James*, which are available as part of the package offered to donors who pledge £100 or more. The four full-colour pictures depict key moments of action from the film, and are a great deal more attractive than the sketchy storyboards I cobbled together with a pencil and a few index cards (but they were good enough for the shoot, so hey…).

Now, here’s a bit of fun. Can you work out the story of The Ditch from these four storyboards alone? The four scenes are presented in the order in which they appear in the film, and you’ll already be familiar with the first two if you’ve watched our trailers or read my posts on the story (here and here). But can you work out where things go from there? Also, can you guess the twist at the end – which isn’t shown in these pictures? Leave us a comment, either here or on our Indiegogo comments page! If anyone gets particularly close to the actual story, we’ll offer a prize (on condition you don’t broadcast the twist!).

The four pictures appear below the fold.





[* Adam is a serious artist and his site contains nudity. Some may consider it NSFW. You have been warned!]


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