Hunting us down

The Hunters in the Snow

Brueghel’s Hunters in the Snow

Most of you will be familiar with this blog – after all, you’re reading it now, right? You’ll probably also be familiar with our website and our live Indiegogo page, where we’re raising the money to get The Ditch completed. But there are lots of other places you can see us, read about us, follow us, talk to us, stalk us and generally keep up to date with the production and the people behind it. We’ve listed these places below, so feel free to follow us on any of them. You won’t be seeing the same stuff over and over again, as every one of these sites is tailored to a different aspect of the project. The only way to see it all is to follow it all!


Our Facebook page – pop over here and click on the ‘Like’ button. We’re really, really close to 100 likes, which isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but we know every one of those people is a genuine friend! We’d like you to join our elite circle and feel just as welcome!


On Twitter – On the Train Productions has its own account, surprisingly called @OntheTrainProds, but you can also keep personally in touch with producer Stephen at @sjcoltrane or director Sheena at @Sheena_Holliday.


On Pinterest – we’ve really come to like Pinterest. We’ve got four boards there at the moment: the first board is for photos and other images from the production. The second is a delightful ‘Horror’ board, which is designed to give a flavour of the aspects of horror which really get our appetite up, and things which reflect the tone and atmosphere of The Ditch. The third is Donna’s own board, which collects themes and images from Donna’s own character, as if she were a real person with a Pinterest board of her own. And the fourth is a general ‘Things we like’ board, which is for images of films and film-making, striking images from other contexts (amazing architecture, design, landscapes) and things that make us laugh or just go, “ooh, that’s interesting.”


On Vimeo – this is where we host all the videos we’ve made publicly accessible – trailers, teasers, promos, behind the scenes footage. This is where you can see an urgent appeal for help from Donna. This is where you can see Katie getting sprayed with blood (which tastes rather sugary, apparently). And this is where, one day, when it’s all over, you’ll be able to see the film – if you’ve contributed to the Indiegogo appeal, that is!


Crestfallen Northern Girl – Sheena’s own personal blog about films, film-making and other things she’s doing. Worth visiting very shortly for some outspoken articles about the film industry!


Flickerhead Films – the production company of our co-producer, Henry Coleman. Henry has a good track record of work in the music video sector, and you can see several examples on the site. You can also see his very special short film, Pigment, which played at the Edinburgh Film Festival.


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