Important announcement about The Ditch

Please read this post if you’re one of the people who has kindly donated to our project, or if you’re just interested in where we’ve got to.

As you know we had everything prepared for the next stage of filming in the middle of September, when we were unlucky enough to come up against a particularly bad spell of weather. Because of this, it was impossible to film that weekend. Luckily we were able to cancel most of the things we had booked (location, accommodation, equipment, etc.) so we have not taken too big a financial hit.

After negotiating with the owners of the land, we were hoping to reschedule the shoot for this coming weekend but this has also proved impossible. Not enough people are available, and in any case there would have been less daylight.

Although it would be easy to see all this as a setback, we’re looking on it as an opportunity. We don’t want to wait yet another year, so we’re having a big think about the whole project. We are rewriting the story of The Ditch so at least some of it will take place indoors. The existing footage, which was shot last year, will be incorporated into the new story.

The fundamentals of the story will not change – it will still be a supernatural thriller, it will still be about Donna, it will still be about her knocking down a mysterious pedestrian and the consequences that come from this. And there will still be a ditch! Rewriting the script means we have even more opportunity to think about developing the central character of Donna, and examine her motives and reactions – which should lead to an even more interesting and entertaining film at the end.

The rewrite means we will be spending more time on script development. It’s critical that we get this right to preserve the integrity and the effectiveness of the story. There will almost certainly be no more filming until early 2014.

If you have donated to The Ditch, please be assured that we are very grateful for your support and your money will be spent wisely. We will be examining the new script to make sure we get the best product for the budget we have raised. If you have chosen a perk that can be printed – posters, concept art – these will be delivered soon. Obviously we can’t send out the script yet, as we’re rewriting it! The DVD/digital download will be delivered once the film is ready, but this will be much later than we originally hoped. We’re confident it will be worth the wait.

We would like to thank you for your understanding. If you are unhappy with this arrangement, and would like a refund of your donation, please contact us urgently. Otherwise, please be confident that we are doing our best to make this film every bit as brilliant as originally planned.

Thank you.


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