Latest update on The Ditch (again)

Well, back in early September we were excited because we’d got a cut done. And I confidently predicted that we’d have a final cut in the space of a couple of weeks.

As usual, the best-laid plans… The news so far is that we do have a cut, and we thought it was pretty close to the final edit. Then we showed this cut to some people whose opinions we trusted (and one or two whose opinions we didn’t trust, just as a control!). Although they like the film very much and are impressed with what we’ve packed into seven minutes, they made a number of observations – things which weren’t clear, things which were clear but could have been conveyed differently, or just suggestions about timing, story, performance, etc.

We want the best possible film to come out at the end of this lengthy process, so we’re going to take all this excellent feedback and throw it into the next edit. Some advice will be taken, some ignored, some transformed into something else. In any work of creative endeavour, you have to keep worrying away at it – even when you think you’ve finished, it’s always worth going back one more time and interrogating it to see how it could be even better. But there’s also got to come a time when you say “stop” and decide that this is it, this is the end of the process.


Stephen and Sheena working on the final (?) cut of The Ditch

We think we’re nearly there. We don’t know how long it’s going to be before we reach that “stop” moment. But we do know we’re in the home straight now. Expect more news; but don’t expect us to know when that’ll be!


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