Crawling to the finish line – and sprinting beyond it

Those of you who’ve been receiving updates via our Indiegogo page will know that we’re very close to finishing this marathon project. We have a final cut finished and graded, so the film is now in its final form – no more changes. There are only two tasks left to complete: mix the sound and apply a few visual effects to remove problems on some of the images (ie things in shot which shouldn’t be in shot – minor details in some cases, but stuff we’d like to deal with now so that we can relax about it).

Once these are done – which should take only a few weeks, depending on people’s availability – we can finally start submitting the film to festivals! We’ve been drawing up a huge list of festivals which we think would be suitable for The Ditch: big international festivals like Cannes, Berlin, Toronto and Sundance, that everyone has heard of; less well-known but equally important festivals like Rhode Island, New Jersey, FlickerFest and Rotterdam; and, of course, home-grown British festivals like Derby, Plymouth, Aberdeen and Sunderland Shorts.

Most of these festivals will turn us down, of course. That isn’t because The Ditch isn’t a good film – we know it is! It’s because they don’t have capacity to show all the short films they like (many of these festivals concentrate on feature films, as that’s what most audiences are interested in), or because maybe this year they’re focusing on films with a slightly different angle or tone from the one we take. Even the best films don’t get to show in every festival. BUT – we’re optimistic that a film with the integrity, originality and subtlety of The Ditch can appeal to a discerning audience, the sort of people who go to (and run) film festivals. So we’ll be knocking on loads of doors in the next year or so (there are over 5,000 film festivals in the world) and it’s just a question of hoping someone with influence and prestige takes notice of us.

No matter what happens, The Ditch will be a film that everyone who took part in can be proud of, and you can’t really ask much more than that.


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