Something scary through your letterbox…

I’m delighted to announce that, after a series of journeys across London and indeed the UK, we have a whole set of signed posters ready to send out to our most generous donors – and also some concept art for those who gave especially generously.


Signed by both members of the cast, and by both producers as well as (of course) writer-director Sheena Holliday, the posters are A1 sized and very much a limited edition! The concept art is, as you know, by Olympics 2012 artist Adam James and comprises four A3 sheets in full colour.

So look out for these arriving soon, you very lovely generous people!

(NB The posters aren’t really all that scary. Unless maybe I slip a spider into one of the tubes or something…)


We did it! Or, rather, you did it!

100pc_fundedYes, we made it over 100% funded! As the clock ticked down to the deadline, we finally made it to our target at about 11pm (local time) on Friday evening. Exhausted after a day of non-stop tweeting, Stephen decided not to set a further target to try and push towards £6,000 and just let the last few donations take care of themselves. In the end we raised £5,105!

After commission paid to Indiegogo and PayPal this should leave us with just under £5,000 which we can take forward into the rest of the shoot. That should be enough to cover most of our expenses, and we can manage the rest between ourselves (just about).

This is very exciting, for two reasons. First, of course, it means The Ditch is going to be finished! Second, though, it means we have a community of people who are interested in the film, and with whom we can open up a dialogue. We hope this will go beyond just sending people project updates – we want to invite feedback at every stage, by posting photos/videos and encouraging responses (through this blog and our Twitter and Facebook accounts). For example, we have a whole section at the start of the film which hasn’t been shot yet and won’t be covered in this next shoot (it’ll be done on a third, as yet unscheduled, day) – we’ll be inviting people to look at our story, already outlined in two posts (here and here) and asking them for input into the early section, through asking a few precise questions of our audience.

And many people in this community will be among the first people to see the film! Anyone who donated £10 or more automatically qualifies to receive a preview screener. This will be the completed film, so it probably won’t be ready for the best part of a year (apart from finishing the shoot, we have to cut it, grade it, add the music, mix the sound, put the titles on and basically put all the stuff together that you don’t get to see). But every one of these donors will be able to access a password-protected video online; and people who gave £20 or more will receive their own digital download of the film! Even more generous donors will get the DVD (with extras!) but they’ll also be able to access the online versions, so as not to have to wait for the postman.

So it’s very exciting times here at Ditch headquarters! Now comes the really hard bit of getting it all together…

Guess the story – from just four pictures!

Those who have been following our crowdfunding campaign will be aware that we’ve just received pieces of concept art from 2012 Olympics artist Adam James*, which are available as part of the package offered to donors who pledge £100 or more. The four full-colour pictures depict key moments of action from the film, and are a great deal more attractive than the sketchy storyboards I cobbled together with a pencil and a few index cards (but they were good enough for the shoot, so hey…).

Now, here’s a bit of fun. Can you work out the story of The Ditch from these four storyboards alone? The four scenes are presented in the order in which they appear in the film, and you’ll already be familiar with the first two if you’ve watched our trailers or read my posts on the story (here and here). But can you work out where things go from there? Also, can you guess the twist at the end – which isn’t shown in these pictures? Leave us a comment, either here or on our Indiegogo comments page! If anyone gets particularly close to the actual story, we’ll offer a prize (on condition you don’t broadcast the twist!).

The four pictures appear below the fold.

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The campaign to rescue Donna has begun!

Indiegogo page for The Ditch

The campaign to rescue Donna is already underway – within 24 hours of opening, we have already exceeded 10% of our target! This is an amazing start and we plan to maintain the momentum!

If you want to find out what this is all about, and especially if you want to get involved…

visit this page

… you’ll be able to read all about the production, why we’re raising the last funds we need to get the film properly finished, and what rewards you can choose from when you contribute.

The page will be regularly updated with more information about the production, feedback from the team and constant new material – videos, photos, artwork. It’ll be like a blog all on its own!

Please visit our page, look at what rewards you can have, and use the ‘share’ button to Like it, share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, embed it onto a website of your own, or email it to a friend.

Donna’s future is in your hands. She’s got into a very dangerous situation, and only YOU can help to get her out of it.

Horror in the woods – the story continues…

Nina screams

It’s Saturday morning. On Monday morning, the campaign to rescue Donna begins!

Yesterday morning I posted the first part of the story of The Ditch. What you read yesterday, and what you’re about to read below, is all the stuff we’ve filmed so far (apart from a few pick-ups).  Donna has knocked down a mysterious pedestrian in the middle of an isolated road in the forest, and now she has to decide what to do next… Continue reading

Who is Donna? And who is that girl in the middle of the road?

Donna's on the phone to her lover - so why does she look so scared?

Donna’s on the phone to her lover – so why does she look so scared?

It’s Friday morning. On Monday morning, the campaign to rescue Donna begins!

Who is Donna? If you’ve been following this blog up to now, you’ll know the answer to that question. But if you don’t, or if you’re just interested in finding out more – including what you can do to help – read on…

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